Everyone has Good Ideas

The challenge is executing them! I think a week doesn’t go past where I have someone in my professional or inner circle call me with this opening sentence “I have an awesome idea for you!”. They then expect me to basically drop exactly what I am doing and do everything I can to try and meet up with them to hear their world changing, life changing and rich making idea. And then leave my job and do nothing else but work on this great ideas. I’m not saying they are not great ideas – many of them are fantastic. But the reality is that there is a lot of work between that ‘great idea’ moment and the ‘life changing’ moment, and a lot of people miss that.

A Definition for Innovation

Innovation is one of the most over used terms that I hear today, and I think most people don’t truly know what it means. Wikipedia defines it as “Innovation is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs“. I prefer the following definition; Invention + Practical Application + Commercialisation = Innovation Invention: Something new & novel that did not exist before. It may be a piece of technology, a method, a process or anything new. Practical Application : Used for a particular or specific purpose that is meaningful. Commercialisation : An exchange for value (not always monetary). It may be increased revenue, reduced costs, better customer experience (internal or external), efficiencies or anything […]

Measuring How Digital You Are

Start by asking yourself this question, “What if I powered down all my data centers?”. Ignore that the Disaster Recovery strategy would kick, but what if it didn’t or you don’t have a DR strategy? Now determine 3 metrics; How long in seconds, minutes or hours would it take for the rest of your business to notice that the data centres are no longer there? How long in seconds, minutes or hours before the business is crippled, no longer able to generate revenue or turn a profit? How long in minutes, hours or days before the damage would be irreparable? Where the damage to the brand reputation would see no turning back These may seem to be silly questions but they are relevant in your understanding of how digital is […]

Wacom Bamboo Review

I have been trying to find a stylus to use with my iPad. I have tried a few, and they have been generally disappointing. I like to use my iPad to draw pictures and it’s hard to do with my fingers. But styluses are generally not very accurate. I’ve been recommended the Wacom Bamboo stylus from a couple of people. So I thought I’d get one and try it out. And I must say its probably my favorite stylus available for the iPad. The balance and weighting on it is very good. It feels like you are using a real pen. Additionally, the nib on it is probably about 20% smaller than most other styluses so […]

Leaving your Laptop at Home

I’m traveling in the US this week to go to the Microsoft Convergence 2012 conference in Houston and then to Las Vegas to meet some vendors. This is the first time I have consciously travelled without my laptop on a business trip, and instead, brought my iPhone and iPad. It’s day 3 and I don’t miss my laptop one bit! It’s quite amazing what can be achieved with just an iPad. Apart from answering emails, I have been taking notes at the conference, both typed and handwritten using my new Bamboo Stylus that I bought here yesterday. I have been surfing the web, working on design documents (scribbling architecture out on my iPad) and have even started working on a presentation that I’d didn’t finish back […]

The Wonder of Connections of Social Networks

I recently attended a presentation where an interestying graphic was presented. It was a map of the world where each? of the lines represented a social connection of significance. The darker the line, the more significant the connection. But there were some interesting visualisations here; Firstly is the obvious dominace of Nth America & Europe But so is the lack of China, except for Beijing Also the significance of Sth America and India as well as Sth East Asia Quite an interesting insight into what is impacting social networking today, and justifiable why Facebook is the 3rd largest country on Earth now!

Getting to “Done”

How do you know when you are finished? This can be quite difficult. You are working on something and you need to get that deliverable finished; a document, a piece of code, a project, a building or a Lego creation. But when do you now you are done? This can be extra hard if you consider yourself to be a perfectionist! There are a four rules that I would suggest to follow; Visualize “done” from the start. Before you get started define what getting it done means. What is that end state, and ask yourself the question “could I get to ‘done’ earlier?”, “what compromises can I make to get finished sooner?” Use tools to test being finished. Test Driven Development does this well. Coders are encouraged to write […]

Understanding Technical Debt

Technical Debt is a concept that was introduced in Agile project delivery as a way to understand how to make better software development decisions. I think it’s just as relevant in any technology based decisions. So much so that I propose that there is a mathematical formula to explain it. The first part of the equation describes that the more strategic decisions you make and less tactical, the less it will influence the end result (smaller number). But you need to understand that time makes technical debt worse, so that needs to be added as a multipler. But what is technical debt? We are very familiar with the concept of borrowing money to buy a car or a house. In a […]

My First (well overdue) Post from Echo!!

2012 has started and so has my 5th month at Echo Entertainment, and I must admit, I’m having a ball!!! For those that don’t know, Echo Entertainment was the result of a demerger of the casino business in TabCorp. We own & operate 4 casinos in Australia; The Star in Sydney, Jupiters on the Gold Coast, Treasury in Brisbane & Jupiters in Townsville. Although our core business is casinos and everything gaming related, we as IT, pretty much run everything; casino systems, hotel systems, restaurant, point of sale and even car parks. This is what makes it fun, you have so much variety. The other thing that I totally love about this place is how we behave. For a public company with over […]

Visitor Retention: Infographic

Came across this really interesting infographic about customer retention. The focus is on gaming, but at a high level, the key points are critical and most often forgotten. Source: From the great mixpanel blog on gaming, http://blog.mixpanel.com/2011/09/16/infographic-what-you-should-know-about-visitor-retention/