Start by asking yourself this question, “What if I powered down all my data centers?”.

Ignore that the Disaster Recovery strategy would kick, but what if it didn’t or you don’t have a DR strategy?

Now determine 3 metrics;

  • How long in seconds, minutes or hours would it take for the rest of your business to notice that the data centres are no longer there?
  • How long in seconds, minutes or hours before the business is crippled, no longer able to generate revenue or turn a profit?
  • How long in minutes, hours or days before the damage would be irreparable? Where the damage to the brand reputation would see no turning back

These may seem to be silly questions but they are relevant in your understanding of how digital is your organization, how dependent it is on technology and how far you actually want to take it!

Organizations such as google or amazon would be recording to first 2 metrics in seconds and likely to last no longer than a few days before the damage is irreparable.

Ford or your local grocery store on the other hand may find itself able to continue selling products for several days before their crippling supply chains catch up to them. But what is interesting is that these organizations are edging closer and closer to the fully digital realms that the competitive advantages they get through digitized supply chains, ordering systems and CRMs, the more reliant they become on it being the backbone of their business.

The question isn’t meant to frighten you away from getting digital (you all have reliable DR strategies right?) but is to enlighten your thinking about the road you will pursue to become digital and to think about how to formalize the ever elusive digital strategy.