Feature Flipping using Config Slurper

I made a change last week to the Feature Flipper plugin and it now supports using native ConfigObject stored to a groovy config file as well as XML. The XML has remained to be backward compatible, but the ConfigObject is a better long term solution and is 'Groovier'. To use it, you simply install the plugin as per usual and make no changes. Now it will create a a file called "FeatureFlipperConfig.groovy' in the root directory of your application. Once again, by setting "featureFlipper.flipperConfigPath" you can define where the config file is an also change it. ie/       featureFlipper.flipperConfigPath = 'path/to/config/file.groovy' This path can be anywhere on the local machine (remember that you can have different config files per machine). If […]

Feature Flipping Grails Plugin: Part 3 (Working with features)

So in the last post, we went through the process of creating screens and a controller to manage the features in our application. Now we get to the fun part! Creating some features!!! Lets simulate the following features; A feature called EmailUsers which will only be enabled for users with the role ROLE_BETA A feature called InviteUsers which will not be enabled So to create these features we fire up our application and navigate to the features controller, and create the two features. Should be pretty straight forward based on the information above. Just remember to add the role ROLE_BETA above when creating EmailUsers feature. Once you have done that, these features will be persisted to the XML file, and you don't have to change anything on […]

Feature Flipping Grails Plugin: Part 2 (Creating an Admin page)

In the last post we created a test application and installed our plugin, now we are ready to create a page where we can administer the features. In the future, I will be updating the plugin to support the ability to automatically install a controller and view to do what we are doing below, but the user will need to secure if they chose to (which you should). But in the meantime, lets go through the process of creating one! When you install the plugin, you get access to a service called FeatureFlipperService. This service provides a series of methods that help you with managing the features (see documentation on what is available). Lets get started by creating a controller called Features; grails create-controller Features inject the FeatureFlipperService […]

Feature Flipping Grails Plugin: Part 1

The other day I wrote about my interest in support Feature Flipping in Production environments. Since I have been doing a lot of development in grails lately, I wanted to develop a plugin to support this functionality. And here it is! This blog post is about how to use it. If you want to know about the types of features it supports, I have documented them on the plugin page, and if you are interested in the reasoning for this, check out my previous post. In this post I am going to describe the process of installing the plugin and configuring it. Then in a subsequent post, I will show you how to create a page […]

Feature Flipping

Some time ago I read in great interest about Flickr's Blog post on "flipping out", which is the ability to switch features on and off for a particular application in production. I know some of friends had implemented this so, I wanted to give it a go. Some of the benefits to it include; Ability to push untested code into production (controversial) Theoretically make changes much faster as you don't really have to wait for a neat release point (as long as you have a stable build) Ability to turn features on and off in production without having to redeploy Support a "push on green" strategy Support Continuous Deployment Strategy But before you get too excited, you do need to have some important foundations. Firstly, you need fantastic test coverage, […]

Qantas’s 90th Birthday Party

Today I went to Qantas’s 90th Birthday party at their Jet base in Sydney’s Mascot Airpot. John Travolta, the official ambassador for Qantas, was there along with a showcase of Aircraft that staff and friends could work around and through. Aircraft such as the original Constellation, the 707 V-Jet (John Travolta’s Personal Plane now), 767 and the might Airbus A380!!! Here are some photos I took today.
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Why I’ve given up on Mail.app

I wouldn’t consider myself a Mac Fanboy (because I use and like other platforms and OSes) but I truly admire the constant quality that comes out of Cupertino. Their hardware, software, strategy and brand just comes together brilliantly. But many of their applications are quite flawed, and need a lot of work. Regardless, I’ll typically persist with what they have to offer and eventually, with software upgrades, the software becomes quite good. Some recent examples included iCal, which was pretty hopeless when it started, but it’s pretty good now. ITunes continuously improves, Safari has become a great browser and even iWork has become a great work tool. But there is one exception that frustrates me to no end, and that’s Mail.app. It’s a pretty good application, but […]

Surround yourself with great people!

They are famous words that  have echoed with me for nearly 15 years. They were spoken to me by one of my early mentors in business. The discussion was around where you should invest in a business. And no matter how you looked it; great technology, great ideas, great processes, and even unique concepts are nothing without GREAT PEOPLE to execute on them! There is much discussed about how you should find great people. The recruitment process, the interview process, psychometric testing, what ever processes you want to implement, they need to work for you to be able to find the great people that you need to surround yourself with. Great people need to not only be highly skilled in their areas of expertise, but they […]

No#1 Album in Australia? Easy, Just sell 3,600 Albums!

Crazy as it sounds, that’s all it took this week to be the No#1 Selling album in Australia. British band, “Bring Me the Horizon” sold 3,600 copies of their album to debut at the No#1 spot on the Australian Aria Charts. If nothing else, I think this just goes to show how irrelevant physical CD sales are becoming, and for that matter, traditional charting has become irrelevant. These days, charts are attempting to use combinations of Album Sales, Radio airplay, downloads on iTunes and other combinations to determine who is No#1 and why. The fact that Album sales are becoming irrelevant is actually quite humorous. Before working in technology, I used to work in the music industry, and artists would live and die by their charts. […]

Who drives the requirements?

One of the challenges with any software development team is to understand who should be driving the requirements? Typically this should be the responsibility of the Product Manager. But at Posse, we don’t have a Product Manager, instead, product management is done by myself and the CEO. This may be a little unusual, but as a startup, we have limitations on who, and how many people are on our team. When taking this approach, there are some guidelines that you should follow; Understand who your customers are, because that is who you are building for. Make sure that everyone agrees to this. I have been in situations where I believed that a certain group was our customers whilst others disagreed. This meant we were constantly clashing […]