Connected Computing – how useful is your device without a network?

Ross Hill had a recent blog where he discussed that he finds no real use for a netbook. He has a laptop and a iPhone. His iPhone achieves 80% of what he needs to do, and the rest can wait till he is in front of his laptop. I totally agree, and in fact I recently bought a Dell Mini 9 Netbook, and I never use it! When heading out, I am asking myself the question; “will my iPhone be enough for today or should I pack my macbook too?”, I don’t ever think “hmm, do i need a small laptop, or a TINY laptop today as well as my iPhone….” But in this discussion with Ross, I was reminded about […]

Online Applications and Digital Strategies; where does mobile fit in?

A consolidated digital strategy is a critical part of any business if they are serious about an online initiative. It has become more frequent for businesses to start getting their online strategies in a better shape. I still speak to businesses that have a mixed level of maturity in understanding  on how to extract value from online from their business, but more businesses are starting to think ‘consolidated’ strategies. IP convergence was a term that was thrown around last year, usually in reference to communication (in a traditional sense), but I always battled with this, because I believed that it was more about Digital Consolidation than IP convergence. Sure they refer to different subjects, and mean different things. Nonetheless, related as they refer to your […]

Support the Bushfire Appeal by Buying books you want to read

This is a great initiative from the troops over at Sitepoint. Basically, they are selling 5 books for the price of 1! You get the 5 books as PDF downloads – but the great thing is that 100% of the sale proceeds goes to the Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal. So I encourage everyone to get behind this one – its important and easy way to help!!! Check out the actual blog ontry on Sitepoint’s site here.

Aero feels fragile

I have been using Windows 7 for a few weeks now. On Parallels on my Macbook mind you – and I am really digging it!! I like to not think of myself as a Mac fan boy, but I have been really disappointed with a lot of stuff that has come out of Redmond for the last 5 years. But I have to admit that Windows 7 is actually looking, and feeling really stable and not at all like a mess that Vista was (and is). But I do have to admit something, and that is the Aero look and feel. I know a lot of people are loving it, but it just doesn’t feel right to me. It feels like I have to be […]

The Death of Newspapers – Really!

There has been a lot of talk about the death of newspapers as a physical entity. What amazes me about this argument, is the fact that there is any scepticism that this may not happen. The reality is that it is just a matter of time! Is there any doubt that there will be no physical newspapers in 100 years? I think not. The challenge we have today, is that there is still several generations of people that are used to the physical paper. I am one of them. But as time goes on, I am more and more online to get my news. In fact, these days, rather than listen to the radio or read the paper on the morning, I read my RSS […]

The End of Venture Capital

An interesting article about Venture Capital in the Credit Crunch. After being involved with a startup and going through the whole VC cycle, I sincerely sympathise with a lot of the sentiments in this article. There is just a lot of things that go on in the world of VC’s that makes no sense to me. Although I kept hearing (and even kept saying) that the Web 2.0 boom is not like the dotcom boom, there were so many things that made me uncomfortable. Like Internet companies that are getting zillions of dollars on no revenue. OK, we have all heard about this and we understand it, but there is the fact that they are not making money, and never have, did and in […]

Building software shouldn’t be this hard!!!

Every time I work on a software project with a new client, there is a battle that continually brews that makes the process harder than it should be. And that is that the client doesn’t trust the process. Think of it this way; if you were to build a home, the builder takes you through the process of architectural design, laying foundations, putting up frames, roofs, plumbing, then painting, bathrooms, and finishes etc. You would never question the builder as to why can’t the painters start even though the foundations haven’t been laid. Or to draw more of a similarity to software, why can’t you have that 5th bedroom and 4 car garage, after the construction has finished and the painters have finished? But this is […]
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The Dawn of a new Era

Well last week was one of those weeks which was a milestone in history. For obvious reasons, American history, but also for the rest of the world. President Elect Barrack Obama is going to be the 44th President of the USA, and (arguably) one of the most powerful people on earth. But how does this effect the rest of us? Why did this presidential election get the most media I had ever seen in this country for a US election. I think it was for a couple of reasons; 1) We are still living in uncertain times, sure it all seems to have settled down, but the US has a lot to answer to from Mr George Bush’s reign as President. Bush fought this perception of […]
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8 things I wish I had been told before doing my start-up

I have been involved in enough start-ups now (over 10 and counting), and you think I would have learnt by now? But as each week goes by, I learn something new about business, people, VC’s and just plain old “how to succeed”. So I started thinking about some of the most valuable lessons I have learnt in the last 15 years of working in technology start-ups. And although this list is in now means exhaustive, these are probably the things that I have found out on my own, have not read anywhere else (well, at least not the way I look at it) and are by the most important for me. Before anyone starts telling me I am wrong, I’m not!! This is purely my opinion, […]
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Welcome to my ‘Professional’ Blog

This has been a long time in the making, but the time is right…!!! I have a few places that I have been blogging; including the Aegeon site, my personal blog and various other projects. But this is an opportunity to start talking a little more about what is professionally going on in the world for me. The Credit Crunch is upon us and the reality is that we are all feeling it. Day after day I hear of more and more lay offs. So once again, interesting times are upon us. Aegeon is feeling it too, with funds dwithering, and sales slowing. We have had to do the same, by scaling back operations and slowing down development and innovation. What […]